** At the time of this post, (May 17, 2020) things seem  to be opening up slowly here on the Jersey Shore.  We're hoping that in the next few weeks we will be back in action, playing the tikis and bars all over the area.  Stay tuned and check back to see our updated schedule as it changes, and stay safe!!  Stells 



Welcome to my Rock Party website!  I am a one-man singer-guitarist, specializing in classic rock. I play classic rock hits, and old AM hits at tiki bars, happy hours, just about everywhere people love songs they can sing along to and have a fun time.

My musical covers include Nirvana, Matchbox Twenty, Beatles, Beach Boys, Billy Joel, The Kinks, Stones, Van Morrison, The Doors, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Arlo Guthrie, The Monkees, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, The Eagles, Weezer, Jet, Wallflowers, Fastball, plus AM one hit wonders such as John Fred and the Playboys, The Flying Machine, the Box Tops, and on and on!

My shows tend to become outright parties, as everyone joins in and sings along to classic rock hits and old AM one-hit wonder gems!  You never know what song may be coming next!

Feel free to click on "listen to music" to hear some classics, and check out my live videos too!

To contact me directly, please fill out the form in the "Contact Me" section, or call me at 718 570-4062.

Come and sing along!  You know the words!

Anthony Stells